How to Secure your Home Windows to Prevent a Burglary

    • April 8, 2022
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    How to Secure your Home Windows to Prevent a Burglary


    Many people only worry about nighttime burglaries; however, most burglaries take place in the daytime, when people are heading to work, away on holidays, away for the weekend, or even doing the school runs. It’s important to take precautions during the night, the day, and at any time you leave the house to ensure your home is secured. Your windows are the main point of entry for any thieve. Windows are seen as a weak point in the home. Read on for our tips on how to secure your home windows to prevent a burglary.

    Reinforced Window Glass  

    It is important to check the quality of your window glass. If your glass is fragile then you should have your window glass changed and install reinforced glass. You can improve your windows in many different ways. Ask your window supplier which would be the best option for you.

    • Tempered Glass   

    Tempered glass is more durable than the traditional glass so it wouldn’t be as easy to break it. It is a less expensive type of glass also.

    • Laminated Glass   

    Laminated glass is also known as “safety glass”. Laminated glass generally consists of a layer of vinyl sandwiched between two sheets of regular glass. For a burglar to break this glass, they would have to repeatedly hit the glass in the same spot which in turn would make a lot of loud noises which would provide an excellent thieve deterrent. best van locks

    Security Window Locks  

    Window locks are an efficient and easy way to secure your windows in your home. Solid locks are necessary to increase your home security. There are many types of window locks including keyed locks, flip locks, sash locks, and deadbolts.

    • Keyed Locks    

    Keyed locks are more costly and are very solid locks to secure your windows.

    • Flip Locks    

    Flip locks are easy to install and the least expensive but are easier to break into.

    • Sash Locks    

    A good window security lock recommended by experts is the sash window locks. Sash window locks should be fitted to the upper levels of the window. Sash locks will prevent entry into a home through an unsecured window. Sash locks can be used on single hung, casement, and double hung windows.

    • Deadbolts    

    Deadbolts are an excellent and hefty window lock and they are convenient for adding that extra security to your home. They are easy to install and are compatible with narrow sash windows, side sliding windows, and double hung windows. A window pin lock is another affordable, highly effective, and simple burglar deterrent.

    Window Restrictors  

    Installing window restrictors is the ideal way for restricting the opening of the window and added security. Burglars would generally prefer houses that they can get in and get out as quickly as possible. Window restrictors are the ideal solution to ventilate your home while also keeping thieves out. They are suitable for both outward and inward opening windows. car locksmith dublin

    Have Security Grills and Bars fitted  

    Metal grills and window bars prove to be a very effective way of securing your home from thieves. If a thieve successfully breaks your window they will not be able to fit through the bars or grill. Many people will not like the idea of bars on their windows but if window bars appeal suited to you, then many companies specialise in window bars and grills that are decorative and can be customised to suit your style of home. You should always remember to have the correct insurance policy in place so you are covered.

    Window Sensory Alarms    

    With so many window alarms on the market today they are the ideal solution for any home. The sensory alarm fitted on the window will cause detection when a window is broken or opened, which will then sound an alarm to warn you and send the burglar running. Inadequately secured windows are intruders favourite entry points. Take the above easy and simple steps to protect your home. Call out locksmith Dublin team today for total peace of mind.

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