The Common Locks That You Can Install To Protect Your Space

    • April 27, 2023
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    The Common Locks That You Can Install To Protect Your Space


    Locks are the physical barrier that protects us from any external threats. They keep our house and loved ones living in the house protected. Various types of locks are widely available in the market today that can protect our house from intrusion. However, certain locks do the job better. As per the lock repair experts in Dublin, the locks that you can install in the house for optimum protection are as follow:

    Knob Locks:

    Knob locks are the most popular form of door lock and the primary security technique for the majority of doors as per lock repair experts in Dublin. The lock cylinder is housed in the knob rather than the door. As a result, knob locks should not be used on external doors since they are readily broken into with simple tools such as a hammer or wrench.

    Deadbolt Lock:

    Deadbolts add an extra layer of security against burglary or break-ins. Instead of a spring, deadbolt locks have lock bolts that move when a knob or key is twisted. They are more resistant to physical attacks, bashing, and drilling due to their unique locking mechanism, making them less vulnerable to a knife or hand tool. Thus, as per lock repair experts in Dublin, they are more resistant to forceful openings.


    Padlocks are self-contained devices. Unlike other types of locks, they are mobile and are not permanently attached to a door or container. They are available in a variety of models, which are classified as keyed or combination. Keyed padlocks are further classed as keyed similar, keyed differently, and keyable.

    Keypad Door Locks:

     Keypad door locks can be unlocked without a key by utilising an attached number keypad. They can be battery-powered or mechanical, with deadbolt locks, knob locks, or mortise locks as common locking systems. These door locks are more adaptable and allow keyless entry, and many contain keyholes for extra unlocking operations. Some keypad locks have several personalised codes, allowing building managers to swiftly restrict access. These types of locks are used to protect the space better than regular locks that are available as per lock repair experts in Dublin.

    Smart Locks:

    Smart locks are adaptive electronic door locks that offer additional locking and unlocking options. While many smart locks have a keypad and a keyhole, the main benefit of a smart lock is the ability to lock and unlock it using a smartphone or key fob. Many smart locks come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and can communicate with home automation systems. These locks require power to function and must be recharged regularly.

    These are some of the locks that are commonly used to secure many facilities. As per lock repair experts in Dublin, these locks can comprehensively protect your facility and give your better protection. Thus, if you don’t want anyone in Dublin to open your lock except you, you must install one of these locks.

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