Key Management Systems For Dealerships And Rentals

Key Management Systems For Dealerships And Rentals

Key management systems are extremely important and effective means of controlling who has access to keys at any given time. The way that the manual key system works is that you have a rack mounted to the wall in the main office. Designated or authorised individuals have a key plug that identifies them by their name or initials. This plug, once inserted to the key rack management system allows that person to remove a door key for a location / premises.
The rack itself will have a label for that key for example – key # 1 is for the address 421 Jermyn Street. The person that took the keys to this premises would have to leave their their key plug in key slot # 1. This plug would identify that person to the rest of the staff at that Facilities Management Company, Letting agent or Auctioneer as to has the keys for that property.
The key management system is a particularly effective management tool for Car Dealerships and Car Rental companies. You can also have a steel safe installed that houses the Key Management System holding anything from up to 200 keys. This will keep the Key Management system secure at evening tones and weekend’s.
You no longer have to remember who last has the keys for a certain door, premises or car. By using the key Management System you know exactly who has what keys.
Meaning effective control of keys is managed at all times.
If you want to go beyond this type of Key System as a means of control, their are key systems that can be managed remotely on your PC. The beauty of this system is that you can identify the individual that has a key for a location.
It is real time, so the person and the time the key was used and the reason for use are all logged.

This is a much simplified way to manage what can sometimes be a complex key managed process.

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