4 Easy Steps To Tighten Your Door Lock

    • October 7, 2022
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    4 Easy Steps To Tighten Your Door Lock


    Door locks are your first line of defence against any external danger. You have to take active measures to ensure your house is optimally secure. Having a loose door will render your home security breachable and insecure against outside threats. Thus it is very important to ensure your door lock remains in proper working condition at all times. But with regular usage, the lock of your dock is bound to exhibit certain issues. One such issue is the loose door lock. A loose lock will not provide you with the requisite amount of security that you may need to feel secure in your home. This is why it is important to get your lock in efficient working condition. One way to keep your lock in proper working condition is by getting your door locks checked by one of the best locksmiths in Dublin.

    A locksmith in Dublin will implement certain steps to ensure your door lock remains in proper working condition at all times. There are four steps that a locksmith will utilize to ensure your door lock is not loose and in proper working condition at all times. These steps are:

    Fix The Screws

    In a door lock, there can be either exposed or hidden screws, to tighten the lock the locksmith will first work on these screws. For exposed screws, with the help of a screwdriver, the locksmith will unscrew the door lock. Once the exposed screws are unscrewed, it will leave the shaft exposed. If the shaft is threaded, you’ll need to twist the handle to make it flush with the door. Allow enough room for the knob to spin freely by backing it up slightly. After that, tighten the set screw. Before tightening the set screw on an unthreaded shaft, place the knob or handle back on the shaft and up to the door face. To see the hidden screws, you must first locate the detent access hole when looking at the knob. The detent is a spring-activated pin that sticks out of the knob’s small hole, preventing it from rotating. When you’ve found the pin, use a flathead screwdriver to press down on it and remove the handle from the spindle shaft.

    Take out the base

    Remove the base after the locksmith in Dublin has separated the doorknob from the spindle shaft. With a flathead screwdriver, slowly pull the ring loose, being careful not to damage the backing plate, which could damage the entire lockset.

    Locate and tighten the screws

    A locksmith in Dublin should be able to discern the set of screws after successfully stripping away the ring. They run from the inside to the outside backing plate of the door, holding the entire assembly together. They will tighten each screw individually while holding the outside backing plate in place.

    Assemble the pieces back

    Replace the backing plate’s ring. A locksmith in Dublin can now replace the spindle shaft handle. Turn the handle to align the holes with the detent and click into place once the spindle shaft is fully inserted.

    Following these steps, a locksmith in Dublin can easily fix your loose door lock. When the door lock is rightly tightened up, it will offer you an optimal amount of security. And then, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing the physical security of your home remains up.

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