4 Common Problem Of Multipoint Lock Systems

    • October 31, 2022
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    4 Common Problem Of Multipoint Lock Systems


    These days there are so many options for locks in the market. Each lock that you install comes with some pros and cons. However, a comprehensive lock provides a bit more security to the homeowner than just a simplified lock system. Many home-owner in Dublin feels safer when they have a comprehensive lock installed in their home than a simpler lock. One of the most common types of lock that is taking over these days is the multipoint door lock system. Although a door lock system provides a sense of security, it also has some problems that must be dealt with, the help of a qualified locksmith is preferably available 24 hours in your neighbourhood of Dublin. These problems are as follows:


    One of the most common mistakes that’s committed while installing a multipoint door lock system is misalignment. The multipoint door lock system has several locking points that shuts close to provide a more consolidated feeling of safety. Most commonly there are three lock points for a multipoint lock system, one that is located base of the door, the second in the middle and the third at the top. If the lock system and the latch are not aligned correctly it will not allow you to shut or close the door. Thus, you must seek the help of a lock repair service
    in Dublin to correct it.

    Jammed Lock:

    The door frame may become jammed with the latch or deadbolt, making it difficult to open or close. A wear-and-tear misalignment or damage to the lock cylinder itself can be the primary cause of this. Whether you are opening the door or closing a door, a lock jam can come alive at any time. While with a simpler door lock system it’d have been easier to deal with, a multipoint door lock is more complex. Thus, if you feel your multipoint door lock system is indeed jammed then it is best to get this issue checked out by a skilled lock repair service in Dublin.

    Drooping Handles:

    Any door with drooping handles is quite concerning especially with a multipoint door lock. This may be an indication that the multi-point locking system on the door has been overworked. It can also mean the cam is beginning to wear out. The multipoint locking system’s issue can worsen over time until the lock abruptly quits functioning. To prevent this you must get the help of a quality lock repair service in Dublin.

    Problematic Gearbox:

    The gearbox in a multipoint lock system is the box that encases the cylinders and mechanism of the lock. In a multipoint door lock system, you have to turn the key at one point only to lock all the points. But if there’s a problem in the gearbox or the gearbox is broken, it can stop the door from locking. This is why, if you think there’s a problem with your multipoint door lock system get help from a good lock repair service in Dublin immediately.

    These are some of the most common problems that may arise in multipoint door lock systems. Unlike the mechanism of the simple traditional lock, these locks are more complex. Thus, problems will inevitably arise. But that doesn’t discount it from being a good lock for homes in today’s day and age. If any day or time a problem arises you can simply get help from the lock retailing company or a skilled lock repair service in Dublin.

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