In today’s world security is very important. It is important that you take care of the security in both businesses and homes. Valuable items in a home or business must be taken care of. An easy way to keep burglars out of your home or business is to add high-quality security systems. The services of expert residential and commercial locksmiths are very important to secure your home and business. Many people would only think of a locksmith when they are in an emergency. If you have locked yourself out of your home, business, car or maybe you have lost your keys it can frustrating. If you are ever in an emergency situation doing it yourself is not the way to go. Prying and picking a lock is certainly an option, but this can lead to unfortunate results, especially as you may not have any experience or knowledge when it comes to locks. The better choice is calling a professional and certified locksmith to help you out. Here are the reasons why you should hire a professional locksmith:

1. They are Trained Professionals 

Hiring a reputable locksmith means you are guaranteed a high-quality locksmith service. Locksmiths are fully certified and qualified to change a variety of different locks. Professional locksmiths have the right tools to solve any locking issue that you may have. Trying to open a lock yourself can lead to the damaging of a lock which can expose you to security risks and it can be a lot more expensive to fix than an expert opening it for you in the first place.

2.  24 Hour Availability 

24 hourA certified locksmith is available 24 hours 7 days a week for any emergency call outs. There is no need to panic if you are locked out of your home or business, they are available to help you out with any lockout situation. If you lose your keys you will not have to break any window. You can rest assured knowing that there is help available to you at any location with the right solution straight away. During the day to midnight, they are there whenever you need them.

3.  They are fully insured and offer reliable services 

Commercial and Residential locksmiths are fully insured so they take full responsibility in the event of any loss when repairing or replacing your locks. Locksmith services are extremely reliable so you can rest assured they will always be there when you need them.

4.  They offer dependable emergency lockout services 

If you get locked out of your home or business it can be a difficult situation to deal with. Locksmiths are available 24 hours 7 days a week. During an emergency situation, a professional and dependable locksmith will get to you right away and offer professional services without worrying about the security.

5.  Good Locksmiths will care about their reputation 

Excellent locksmiths care about their reputation and want to offer only the highest standards of work to every customer. They know a poor service will affect their business. Many companies offer a warranty, which means they can fix any issues that may arise after they repair or replace your locks.


6.  They have the correct tools for every job  

Many lock problems are easily fixed but some can be that little bit more complicated and difficult to diagnose. Professional locksmiths are equipped with all the modern tools and devices to ensure the job is done efficiently, no matter how challenging it may be. You can avoid having to break a window to get into your home by calling a professional locksmith anytime.

7.  They understand the importance of security 

If you are feeling unsafe a locksmith can provide you with up to date security locks for your home or business. They usually know the latest technologies for up to date security systems. They can offer you advice on the best locking system to foolproof your property.

8.  All Lock Replacement and Lock Repair services are provided

All locksmith companies such as ourselves can do a lock repair or a lock replacement service on all windows and doors of your property. If your locks are worn on any doors and windows in your property, then it is time to replace them with new ones. This will enhance the security of your home as older locks are easy to break. Contact our Locksmith Dublin today.

Many people only worry about nighttime burglaries; however, most burglaries take place in the daytime, when people are heading to work, away on holidays, away for the weekend, or even doing the school runs. It’s important to take precautions during the night, the day, and at any time you leave the house to ensure your home is secured. Your windows are the main point of entry for any thieve. Windows are seen as a weak point in the home. Read on for our tips on how to secure your home windows to prevent a burglary.

Reinforced Window Glass  

It is important to check the quality of your window glass. If your glass is fragile then you should have your window glass changed and install reinforced glass. You can improve your windows in many different ways. Ask your window supplier which would be the best option for you.

  • Tempered Glass   

Tempered glass is more durable than the traditional glass so it wouldn’t be as easy to break it. It is a less expensive type of glass also.

  • Laminated Glass   

Laminated glass is also known as “safety glass”. Laminated glass generally consists of a layer of vinyl sandwiched between two sheets of regular glass. For a burglar to break this glass, they would have to repeatedly hit the glass in the same spot which in turn would make a lot of loud noises which would provide an excellent thieve deterrent. best van locks

Security Window Locks  

Window locks are an efficient and easy way to secure your windows in your home. Solid locks are necessary to increase your home security. There are many types of window locks including keyed locks, flip locks, sash locks, and deadbolts.

  • Keyed Locks    

Keyed locks are more costly and are very solid locks to secure your windows.

  • Flip Locks    

Flip locks are easy to install and the least expensive but are easier to break into.

  • Sash Locks    

A good window security lock recommended by experts is the sash window locks. Sash window locks should be fitted to the upper levels of the window. Sash locks will prevent entry into a home through an unsecured window. Sash locks can be used on single hung, casement, and double hung windows.

  • Deadbolts    

Deadbolts are an excellent and hefty window lock and they are convenient for adding that extra security to your home. They are easy to install and are compatible with narrow sash windows, side sliding windows, and double hung windows. A window pin lock is another affordable, highly effective, and simple burglar deterrent.

Window Restrictors  

Installing window restrictors is the ideal way for restricting the opening of the window and added security. Burglars would generally prefer houses that they can get in and get out as quickly as possible. Window restrictors are the ideal solution to ventilate your home while also keeping thieves out. They are suitable for both outward and inward opening windows. car locksmith dublin

Have Security Grills and Bars fitted  

Metal grills and window bars prove to be a very effective way of securing your home from thieves. If a thieve successfully breaks your window they will not be able to fit through the bars or grill. Many people will not like the idea of bars on their windows but if window bars appeal suited to you, then many companies specialise in window bars and grills that are decorative and can be customised to suit your style of home. You should always remember to have the correct insurance policy in place so you are covered.

Window Sensory Alarms    

With so many window alarms on the market today they are the ideal solution for any home. The sensory alarm fitted on the window will cause detection when a window is broken or opened, which will then sound an alarm to warn you and send the burglar running. Inadequately secured windows are intruders favourite entry points. Take the above easy and simple steps to protect your home. Call out locksmith Dublin team today for total peace of mind.

By having a Key Restriction system installed you have an added advantage of having complete control at all times.

With Key Restriction only you ( The Property or Business Owner) can get the keys cut. As the Key is Restricted, you can only get this key cut.  So as landlord if you have distributed 5 keys and at the end of the tenancy you received 5 keys back.  You can be assured that no other locksmith or key cutting shop will have  been able to make a copy of this key.
This means that your premises is secure and no new locks have to be installed as a result.
Saving you the stress of having to get locks changed and money.
This key system is also available on a high security cylinder. An important and integral part on home and business security. High Security or Anti Snap locks have added features that make a break in or burglary much more difficult.
Locksafe Locksmith Dublin also offer a 90 day warranty on all work carried out.

If you are looking for a simple solution to your security needs, then talk to the professionals here
at Locksafe – your Locksmith Dublin . Their are different ways that this can be achieved and
what works best for you, may not be what works as well for another individual or business
If you have a commercial premises with multiple doors and key holders for the staff members.
You would need to balance the need for security and simplicity when managing various entry
and exit points
with the number of staff that may be situated at the site. One of the options that could be
adopted is that of a Restricted Key System. This means that if you provide your staff
members with 20 sets of keys, only the registered certificate holder can get additional keys cut.
So if a staff member moves from your company and returns that key, their would be no need to
change the locks as no other copies could be made under the restricted keys system.
The locks themselves can have additional security functionality such as being keyed alike, so
one key can open two locks on the same door or different doors. Also the locks themselves can
have built in protection against – unauthorised access. This protection comes in the form or
hardened pins in the lock that can not be picked, bumped or drilled open open. A sacrificial cut
is built into the lock, making the lock difficult to break and steel rods on the spine of the lock
make is impossible to snap the barrel.
Smart locks are another simple way in which to manage security, control and enhancing the
practicality of gaining entry to a property / premises. Instead of using a standard key, you now
have other options that can be used that do not require a physical key. With electronic smart
locks, a code can be used to open a lock or even better a temporary code assigned to a family
member that might be staying the night. You can also use a bio-metric finger print recognition
that is used usually in an office environment to restrict access to a certain area within the
If that is something that does not work for you you you can have an app on you smart phone
that will unlock a door the second you approach the entrance. You can even open the door
remotely if you need to let another person into the building without necessarily being there. This
is an ideal locking device for remote key management, AirBnB, residential or
commercial premises can all use this or a similar locking mechanism that can be used 24 hours
a day. You can also view who has accessed the property, once you have granted access to
that person and at what time – giving you complete control at all times.
Security is not just isolated to doors on a building, but windows also. If you live in an apartment
that is based above the ground level, you may think that security is not essential – so think

Locksmith Dublin that protects your family

If you have children living there, you will need to have a window restrictor installed and possible safety glass. This limits
the opening of the window with a steel cable that is attached to the window and the frame itself,
allowing the window to open a few inches. It can be opened with a safely with a release button,
so not to hinder the window opening in the event of an emergency.
Other window locks that can be used on houses typically are slam locks that automatically lock
once you close the window. This is an added lock to the one that already exists on the window.
Having added locks to widows or lock upgrades to doors is about preventing or at the very least
deterring break in’s. If your property is harder to gain access to in a burglary attempt and
another property nearby is easier as the locks are inferior, then your lock upgrade has done its
.At Locksafe will not endorse or sell you a security product if it is not required on your property.
If it is a necessity as a result of weaknesses in your current lock system, this will be
highlighted and the benefits pointed out clearly to our customer as to why the lock up-grade is
Key minders or Key Lock Boxes are certainly a good investment to have for any home owner or
business premises. Firstly they can be installed discretely and they are operated with a key
combination on the front of the unit. The code on the unit can be changed as often as needed
making them ideal for restricting access to key housed inside.
It is ideally used for home carer’s whereby they come to a senior citizens house at a designated
time and then they can gain access to that house by using the code on the Key Lock Box. The
great thing about these units is that it comes in both mechanical and a smart lock version. The
mechanical lock would require that the code is changed manually, inside the back of the unit.
Whereby the smart-lock version can be changed remotely and the codes can be set up as
temporary access. Meaning that after 24 hours the code will
de-activate, also multiple codes can be set up for different users at the one time. This type of
system offers both security and peace of mind to the home owner and the service provider. The
unit runs on batteries, so no need for any wiring. If the unit runs low on batteries and these
need to be replaced you will be notified. In the event that the batteries run down completely,
then you can use a 9 volt battery to get the unit opened.
Deadlocks are essential to all households and business premises, because without them you
property may not be insured. We have carried out work on houses whereby the front door
would have a standard night latch and a deadlock with less than 5 lever’s. If that house were to
have a break in, the insurance may not be covered. To be certain that your property has a lock
that complies with British and EU standards, it is important that you get a licensed and
registered locksmith to carry out the work when installing locks. Providing you with a security
product that we can stand over and provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you
premises has been left in the hands of a professional.
Some Chubb Locks are not practical and that we understand, so their are alternatives.
Instead of using a heavy key in which to turn the lock to either to a locked or open position, you
could use a thumb turn lock that is far easier to operate. We find that especially senior citizens,
love to use this type of lock because of its simplicity and the level of security has not been
compromised. The lock barrel type that goes in place of the heavy key, is an anti snap lock.
The anti snap lock has been tested for security breaches, such as key bumping, lock picking
and cylinder snapping. As it has a hardened steel spine, a sacrificial cut and pins that can not
be drilled out, it is a simply an excellent lock. The beauty of this lock is that can be keyed alike
to another lock. So you no longer have or need 2 keys to open the lock on your front door. You
can simply unlock the deadlock below and then the night latch with the same and your door will
open. The other benefit to this type of lock is that you can manage the number of keys that are
in circulation. Keys can only be copied using the code or the restriction certificate that is
provided with the new lock. So if you have 10 keys in circulation and all those keys needed to
be returned at some point, their would be no need for the to be changed. The use of the thumb
turn high security lock also means that their are hidden advantages that you would not get with
a conventional locking mechanism. For example : In the event of an emergency such as
someone that has a key and needs to gain access to that property, this can easily be done.
With a thumb turn lock you do not have to worry about the key being on the inside of the lock.
Meaning that you can not open the door and therefore may have to call a locksmith after hours.
Also if you need to vacate the premises in a hurry, you will not require a key to do this. Simply
turn the thumb turn lock and night latch and you will have the door open.
So if you need a reliable Locksmith that is licensed, insured and based in Dublin, contact us
today. We will provide you with the security solutions that suits you and that we as
professionals will stand over.

Tradesmen are required to have multiple tools at any given time to enable them to carry out their work professionally and in as little time. This requires a capital investment to the business owner amounting to in some cases a large amount of money. It is therefore prudent to take out measures to prevent any downtime, which will ultimately effect your bottom line. Breakages and wear and tear is one thing that we all expect at some time or another and we factor in that cost to our business model. Theft of equipment can be devastating for any company especially a business that depends on its tools and equipment to generate an income. It takes time to build up tools and equipment that a tradesman can stand by and depend on, to allow that person to do their job effectively and as quickly as possible.

What is the defence against this nightmare scenario? Insuring your tools – By insuring your equipment you can then after several weeks of waiting for your claim to be processed by your insuring company, re-purchase what needs to be replaced. Not ideal for a few reasons. It is not a guarantee that your insurer will pay out based on the terms and conditions of you insurance policy. They may require that your van is parked in a secure location that is fenced in, has sufficient lighting and is monitored by cctv over night.

If your insurance company pays out, it may not be for the value of the tools that you have lost based on their age. Therefore costing you the money for the shortfall when re-buying the equipment.The equipment / tools that you want to re-buy may have a time lag in you receiving them. Adding to the downtime and lost revenue during this time. Prevention is the best cure for theft of tools and equipment that occur in commercial vehicles.

You could fit an alarm on the vehicle, but that would just alert someone to the fact that an attempted theft is in place. At that point you may have received damage to the vehicle and the theft of equipment may have actually occurred. So you will need to go belts and braces in terms of the security measures that you need to commit to. A vehicle alarm on its own is really just a false sense of security. But a vehicle with an alarm and security locks on the back and sliding doors will give you piece of mind. Their any a few different locks that you can get installed to provide you with the protection needed to secure your tools. Some of these locks have been successful in keeping intruders out of vehicles and others have not been as secure as you might think.

We at Locksafe Locksmiths put ourselves in the position that our customers might find ourselves in and ask ourselves the following question. What locks would we want to see on our Vehicles and are these locks able to withstand a break in attempted break in? Break ins can be discouraged simply by the intruder being able to recognise a lock as being too troublesome and time consuming to even contemplate bypassing. In the event that a break in is attempted, then you will need locks that can withstand entry being gained. Therefore we recommend that a deadlocking mechanism is installed. Keyed alike the same key will operate the rear and sliding doors at all times. It is a manual looking mechanism that will require the doors to be locked each time that are closed. With hook dead locks securely fitted inside the frame of the doors, the secured mechanism can not be forced open. If thief is looking at two vans that potentially have expensive tools inside with different security locks. Having this lock type can be a deciding factor for the criminal having second thoughts about targeting your van.

If you are considering having a security lock fitted to your van, Locksafe Locksmiths will call to your premises for the installation. This means that during the lock install, you are not off the road, resulting in lost income. The lock comes with 3 key’s, so you will not be caught out. Also if you ever loose a key and you are concerned about the security of your van, you will not have to change the entire lock mechanism. The lock barrels can be changed and keyed alike, in little or no time.

You might ask yourself why would I need to put a security lock on a brand new van. The answer is that criminals have and will continue to find ways to open doors on commercial vehicles to steel tool and equipment that has taken you time to build up your business.

Opening the factory made lock that comes as standard with a commercial vehicle can be easily achieved with just a screw driver and a hammer. Not every van will be victim to this type of crime. Criminals will look at the model of the commercial vehicles. Some commercial vehicles have a superior standard central locking system more so that other makes and model. This does not make them immune to this type of crime and the only solution is to buy a lot more time than 2 minutes with a standard locking system.

Weighing up the cost of having a security lock fitted or taking the risk of being off the road for several days with lost tools, stock and equipment is really a simple choice of economics. I have seen more commercial vehicles that have no additional security locking mechanisms attacked than the vehicles where the owner has taken it upon himself to avoid / prevent this from happening. As mentioned earlier in this blog, thief’s look for the easy option when breaking into a home, business premises or a vehicle. Obstacles equals time… This is a recipe for anyone that makes their income from other peoples misery by stealing what is not theirs a bigger problem. Therefore having a security lock fitted, will provide you with the peace of mind that when parked on a side street working on a job, your van is protected.